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Mar 21, 2011 12:30am EDT
. it will air one hour later in usual due to the time difference between the u.s. and britain. you can see it 8:00 eastern live on c-span 2. next, rode to the white house. then a discussion on what is ahead for congress and the president. and then the former new hampshire senator and governor. monday night, a white house summit on bling featuring a report from president obama and -- who speaks on his own experiences. >> we remember what it is like to see kids picked on. i have to say with my baby years and the name that i have, i was not immune. but because it is something that happens a lot, it is something that has been around, sometimes we turn a blind eye to the problem. >> watch it monday night on 10:00 eastern on c-span 3. today on a road to the white house, c-span interviewed radio talk-show host herman cain on why he is likely to enter the gop race. this is about 45 minutes. about 45 minutes. >> why are you thinking about running for president? >> i am thinking about running for president for several reasons. reasons. my parents were able to achieve their dreams. they wanted to own a ho
Mar 14, 2011 12:30am EDT
-the security adviser is a point of contact. such as the u.s. system of the government that has a national security adviser to the president. the french government has a specific adviser on foreign security to the president. it provides a counterpart for those countries. >> how has the nic improved crisis management? >> it gives us the opportunity to have information from the services in real time. as we go through what has been happening in north africa, it has enabled us to cross reference. i think it has enabled us to have l.a. --a in more than one department. it is extremely useful to have somebody we can talk to a commission if we require. for example, if there is a specific issue, that has been -- i also debate it puts education in government that can be expensive. >> last question. how has crisis management, are you looking at what prices management has done -- crisis management has done and ways to change or improve it? >> i think that is how it was originally conceived. it's first and overriding task is strategic. it is important to have that distinction between the large a scale
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2